Saturday, May 2, 2009

more Indian Ocean and Uligan....

Still sitting in Dhidhoo after the anchor winch cane unstuck whilst weighing anchor off a coral reef off the island of Utheem. All now fixed courtesy of local mechanics and then spent the afternoon in the lap of luxury at a 5 star resort spoiling ourselves with a sumptuous even tougher than before!! The photos below did not make it onto the blogsite the other night so are now putting on the remainder - be impressed by the sad marlin with the sore broken snout!!



  1. mike says we are extremely jealous and please not to send any more pics!!!!
    fantastic - lots aof love and ps mike says how about some pics of kate in a bikini?
    xxxx nev and mike and jane

  2. Hi Tom and family!!!!
    Lovely to hear from you. We've added your email and blog address to our class blog now too. We are all well and doing great. we miss you lots. We think you look like you are having so much fun. We liked looking at the photos. We will keep checking back for more,

    Take care
    Lots of love 5JW & Mr Watson